Young M.A.- She Like I’m Like

Young M.A.- She Like I’m Like

Title:  She Like I’m Like

Artist: Young M.A.

Album: Herstory In The Making

Genre: Hip-Hop


Composer: Antwan “Amadeus” Thompson, Anthony “Bruce Leroy” Barfield & Orrin “ Dr. O” Wilson 

Details: Young M.A’s ambitiously tracked album “Herstory In The Making” dropped this past week. The lyrically adept rapper plays with her flows and tonality throughout the project, giving fans the most diverse version of Young M.A they have heard to this point. “She Like I’m Like” stands out on the album as a hard-hitting banger that centers around gangsta love. An infectious flute maneuvers between dizzying percussions to create a jam that will have you dancing and bopping in agreement. 

Young M.A brags about taking her bae shopping on “She Like I’m Like.” She switches between her own thoughts (I’m like) and the thoughts of her boo (she like). M.A’s flow on this single transitions between rapid-fire and relaxed, giving the New Yorker and opportunity to flex her style. “She Like I’m Like” is fun, addicting, and entertaining. 

Quotable Lyrics

And bae, get the blicky, ’cause niggas be plottin’ (I’m like)

You know that I got it

Deposit the check, then withdraw the deposit

You my Pocahontas

Now check your Chanel, twenty bands in the pocket (She like)

Thank you, lil’ daddy

I know I be snappy, don’t mean to be catty

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