Wiz Khalifa – Hardly Ever Home (feat. Yung BP)

Wiz Khalifa - Hardly Ever Home (feat. Yung BP)

Title: Hardly Ever Home

Artist: Wiz Khalifa

Album: “Hardly Ever Home – Single

Genre: Hip-Hop

Comment: www.HiphopNBlog.com

Details: At the beginning of September, Wiz Khalifa has been dropping new music on a damn-near daily basis. It’s not clear if this is a promo run for a new album or if he’s simply unloading loose singles on his hard drive. The rapper, Wiz Khalifa came through a few days ago with his single called “I’ma Hold You Down” ft. 24hrs. Now, he is back with his latest drop titled “Hardly Ever Home.”

With DP Beats holding down the production, Wiz Khalifa flexes and dips on his new track, “Hardly Ever Home.” DP delivers a cold banger with boomin’ 808s with a soulful sample while Wiz Khalifa flexes the Taylor Gang empire he’s built and the road life. Wiz Khalifa’s latest efforts have shown him challenging himself and exploring new flows in a way we haven’t heard in ages. Perhaps this is an indication of what Wiz Khalifa has in store on his next project. 

Quotable Lyrics

No latch on me, broke the mold

No match for me, I’m in my prime

Most these cats 40

That ain’t no disrespect, shout out them n***as that

Paved the way so we could get rich off the Internet



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