Lil Tjay – “LEAKED” (Remix) (feat.Lil Wayne)

Lil Tjay - “LEAKED” (Remix) (feat.Lil Wayne)

Title: “LEAKED” (Remix)

Artist: Lil Tjay

Album: True 2 Myself

Genre: Hip-Hop


Album Artist: Lil Tjay, Lil Wayne

Details: Bronx rapper Lil TJay has released his debut album “True 2 Myself” today via Columbia Records.

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“True 2 Myself” released back in August, It features the entirety of Lil TJay’s F.N. EP. Also it has plus additional new songs that also include remix versions of two tracks, ‘Brothers’ with Lil Durk and ‘Leaked’ with Lil Wayne.

“I just want a lil’ mountain, lip service / Treat the p*ssy like a house, she want insurance / I’ma f*ck her good one time, let her unwind / She gon’ tell me where to come at, I’ma come fly,” raps Weezy on the opening verse.

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