Artist: T.I.

Album: SABOTAGE – Single

Genre: Hip-Hop

Comment: www.HiphopNBlog.com

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Details: T.I. has been active in other spaces other than music lately. T.I. is one of the judges on Rhythm + Flow which is Netflix’s new Rap competition show. It is getting a good reaction from viewers. He has been busy with his ExpediTIously podcast. Here he talks about everything from sports to rap lists.

Tip is now looking to get back to music as he unveils a brand new song called ‘Sabotage’ where he showcases his gifted flow that fans may have forgotten about. The production on it is solid too. Listen to it below.

A year ago, T.I. released his last album titled “Dime Trap” which went under the radar of some fans. Yesterday, T.I. threw another new song titled “blunder” with his former artist Iggy Azalea under the bus by calling backing her in the past.

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