As we know that Lil Wayne has been dealing with Bumbu Rum for a while now. Because of that, we have got two episodes of “Bumbu room” from the rapper, over there he sits in the company of the rum to talk about topics his fans are wanting to know.

Then in the latest episode, where Lil Wayne starts off the talk by describing his perfect day. By that Weezy meant that at the beginning of waking up with multiple women before going back into the bed with them after handling some things. After that, he goes on to pick one rapper who would be ideal for the role of President of the United States. Lil Wayne says it’s “plain and simple” that the only rapper who could be able to run for this job is none other than Jay-Z. Watch the clip below.

Lastly, at the end of the video where Lil Wayne talks about some spots stuff, for instance, his thoughts on cuffing strippers and sexting. And he gives us the name 69 if he was a pornstar.  Also, memorizing songs for his shows and more. Enjoy watching the video below.

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