Lil Jon, DJ Snake – Turn Down For What

turn down for what single

Artists: DJ Snake, Lil Jon

Released: 2013

Genres: Hip-Hop/ Electronic dance 

Songwriter(s): DJ Snake; Steve Guess; Lil Jon

The song ‘Turn Down For What’ single sang by DJ Snake and Lil Jon. It was from the label of Columbia. After it’s released, the success of it reached not only in the US but also in Canada. It was a shocking hit for the artists as it grabbed a good amount of attention worldwide. The music is still a part of Billboard’s Hot 100 under the category of Dance/Electronic chart. ‘Turn Down For What’ single was in many movies like ‘Fast and Furious 7’ then ‘22 Jump Street‘ and more. It also won music awards in shows.

It had to be in #2 in my list of Hip-Hop workout dance as it pumps of your day and makes you want to run faster. Even the lyrics aren’t as exciting, or you might not feel many relations with it. But the music would keep you awake and let your night workout be successful. 

Now, start your work out session and play this song to help you to boost up yourself and maybe run an extra mile for sure.

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Watch the music video below. 

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