queen key pregnant

After receiving a public fall out that protected exposing 600 Breezy. For facing oral intercourse skills on Twitter. It was Chicago-based Queen Key took to Instagram live to give an announcement that she’s got triplets on the way. So, that confirms us about Queen Key pregnant. And who does she declare the father is? Well, the answer will be none other than the 600 Breezy rapper who released the ‘First forty-8’ album.

Furthermore, Breezy has got a new romance with the Black Ink group’s Sky. He denied quickly of the allegations on Instagram by replying with an easy “nope” to a user that commented if his father or not.

Although after Queen Key pregnant announced Breezy is the father of her unborn children. She also sends a sequence of tweets against Sky and her very own parenting abilities.

Her tweet was like “How tf u gone be a step mama & couldnt even take care of yo own kids …… & can’t have more cause u too damn old lmao…”

So, by receiving such tweets, Sky replied to The Shade Room. She clear the air by claiming that she has never had any contact with Key.

“Breezy and her had whatever dealings BEFORE me,” Sky said. “I wish her nothing but a happy and healthy pregnancy! The babies didn’t ask to come into negativity.”

You could now check out the rants and tweets between Queen Key’s live rants and tweets, which also has Sky’s responses.

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