NLE Choppa – Camelot Remix (feat. Yo Gotti, Blocboy JB, & Moneybagg Yo) || New Hip Hop Songs

Camelot Remix by NLE Choppa

One of the freshly new hip hop songs called Camelot Remix by NLE Choppa feat. Yo Gotti, Blacboy JB & Moneybagg Yo. The beginning beats would make your head nod a lot of times for sure. It’s funny that Blocboy JB raps, “I ain’t gon’ say too much, really I been posted on some block shit,” by which he indicates of the quite campaign in 2019, he still got something to say.  The collaboration is between the local homeboys, so it sounds Gucci. Even though there is no change in the instrumental and NLE Choppa’s starting verse, the difference would be the strength they added to their rap.

I don’t get it, but still, Yo Gotti shows he opts for brevity as the Memphis rapper flexes the fifty-million dollar net worth. The rap line explaining his opt would be “My lil n***as millionaires and my whole city will kill for me…” going with the killing beat.

So, the last verse is done by the American rapper, who’s also a song-writer name MoneyBagg Yo. It had some braggadocious bars. So, what are you waiting for? Listen to one of their new hip hop songs Camelot Remix by NLE Choppa, down below.

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