2KBABY – BETTA || New Hip Hop Songs

2KBABY – Lazy Song Remix || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

One of the new hip hog songs called Betta by 2KBABY. It was released on 6th December 2019. Life has its ups and downs, this is one of those hopeful songs that pushed you to move forward and not look back.

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The melody makes you smile for sure. It is a promising release by 2KBABY. I wish the song was a bit more but then it ends within 3mins 38secs. So, the rapper explains that music helps you to keep the faith and keep going. Even the music video is created in a decent and spread positivity around. Hence the song Betta by 2KABABY was produced by Danny Hajj, Jesus of Lit Gang, and G Koop. Now that’s a lot of nice talented producers in one place.

However, see down below the music video which looks so beautiful.

I can’t wait for more songs by this 19-year-old rapper. He will bring up a change to the new hip hop songs.

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