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Go In by Lil Tjay

The young prince of NY who has released a stuck in the mind soundtrack. So we are talking about Go In by Lil Tjay. This 18-year-old rapper has given the promising voices which got mixed into it. He has returned back yet withstand and describing the pain, the emotional rides, feeling of insecure. It seems to be a dark side that is opening to the world to see the upsetting situation people face in life. So, this new hip hop song Go In by Lil Tjay does explain the hardships pretty well.

Moreover, JD On The Track is the producer who has done key players in this song. So he has played the guitar in a smooth rhythm but even it’s bittersweet. Also, he has kept a close similarity and delivered a clear connection of his tile of the song and his lyrics. As the lyrics he raps-sings “I know some killers and goons I send em’ lurkin; They finna get you by noon, you could get swept like a broom; Heaven got room, you finna go up there soon”

For me it’s more like “Dayum!! This is an upbeat new level hip hop with such heartache lyrics and Lil Tjay is so much energetic.”

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