Rick Ross – Nobody’s Favorite feat. Gunplay – Visuals || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (Videos)

Rick Ross feat. Gunplay's new music video comes up on. Ross feat. Gunplay may have opted for a more subtle approach to Port Of Miami 2

Rick Ross feat. Gunplay’s new music video comes up on YouTube.

Rick Ross feat. Gunplay‘s new music video comes up. Ross feat. Gunplay may have opted for a more subtle approach to Port Of Miami 2. which is a rock is solid if altogether unchallenging effort from start to end. The project found Renzel at his most comfortable. Luckily on can get away with coasting from time to time when one’s image is so charismatic to higher up.

Rick Ross Made sure of “Nobody’s Favorite” to step into the boardroom with a vengeance with formidable swagger. Successfully enhance the song’s sense of danger, the brand new visuals lined with menace and violent imagery. Renzel and Gunplay’s table literally lined with a shark with neon-drenched lighting and opulent imagery are painful.

The ladies remain loyal to the cause of finding time to twerk accordingly. We can see there’s enough imagery to tell the loose and fragmented story which makes “Nobody’s Favorite” another solid video in Rick Ross’s growing repertoire. You can check this now and make sure to Port Of Miami 2. For more HipHop song and news check here.

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