Romeo Miller – The Tank || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Romeo Miller

New hip hop song hit the streets The Tank by Romeo Miller.

So last week, there was a time taken off from other projects of Romeo Miller. As he needed to specifically focus on releasing his new latest album called “Hidden Treasure. This album consists of 12-tracks. This album has different mixing of songs for his wide range audience.

There are multiple artists who are featuring in the Hidden Treasure album but the most important one would be Romeo’s dad, who is Master P. So this collection was released via No Limit Forever Records, which is Record formed by Romeo, himself. Now, this would be obviously agreeable for his father’s empire, as this will be bringing for young Romeo to build a legacy for himself just like his dad’s one.

However, the duo of father-son is just a perfect combination that is found The Tank song from some of the verses. It is one of the tracks from the album Hidden Treasure. Now, down below check out the new hip hop song.

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