Sowayv – Both Wayz || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (Videos)

Sowayv – “Both Wayz” unveils a new video from his project.

Sowayv was out of tine once with his girlfriend that he didn’t even she was into a woman too. Sowayv was low-key upset when he found out that until he realized it could work to his advantage. Then he decided to write “Both wayz” which is a banger dedicated to the bisexual men and women around the world. It is also an ode to the hustle he enjoyed before music.

Sowayv enjoys time with his girl in the pool detailing their unique bond and dividing deep into his past life. In an interview, he said “This is off my full project, it came about when I was writing’. He added that in the process he was dealing with his past relationships and being open to new things, freedom, accepting a new path.

The song “both Wayz” represents the old career he used to have and also the new one and how he literally gets it both ways and also about him low-key finding that his girl liked girls all along. He again added that he used to be fake mad about it till I realized he kinds of liked it. You can get the video above and for more hip hop news and videos check here.

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