Machine Gun Kelly – Why Are You Here || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Why Are You Here by Machine Gun Kelly

Another new rap created on Why Are You Here by Machine Gun Kelly.

Firstly, pop-punk chooses to rap when he wants to. Lately, he wasn’t expressing his feeling with playing his electric guitar. Yet new inspiring single dropped which is one of a kind Why Are You Here by Machine Gun Kelly. This a song that can be sung in a huge stadium and you would realize it when you listen to the chorus from the opening of the track. As it is said loudly “we can never be friends” by backing vocalists. Besides, the instrumentals played are just the perfect rhythm and make you jump on your feet.

In short summary, the track explains the toxic relationship which holds these days. There are physical needs, you would want but no commitment. Some of the verses like “I saw you again last night, you were with somebody and so was I,” and then “Met you in the bathroom at 12:05, and I fucked you again, we can never be friends.” MGK sings. Clearly, such relations do wander around in this generation.

Enjoy listening to the new song by MGK given above. Check out for more new hip hop songs.

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