She Is Me – Gucci Mane (Feat. Rich The Kid) || New Hip Hop Songs (Videos)

She Is Me is the new music video of Gucci Mane & Rich the Kid on YouTube.

She Is Me – the new music video of Gucci Mane & Rich the Kid on YouTube.

She is me – the new Christmas track by Gucci Mane. You maybe never thought but Gucci Mane has become a Christmas hip-hop icon. Now better stocking stuffer than a brand new verse from Rich The KidThe East Atlanta Shanta has returned to bequeath more gifts upon the masses. 

And now Guwop has dropped off some new visuals for She Miss Me before that In the honor of his third East Atlanta Santa album. In this album, you may expect some festive taste but unfortunately, the scenario is quite different. They are not quite as festive their almost completely devoid of any Christmas Imagery, set in a tropical paradise with scantily clad models.

Even arguments raise as that they are simply there to present Santa’s ‘elves’ although that is likely a reach. Then again, Rich, The Kid shows up to join the party with the money-phone on hand?

Although you feel nice to see them embracing the holiday motif further, your Favorite tropes will be provided all the by ‘She Miss Me” a solid hip-hop video. For further more news and videos of new hip hop songs check on this.

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