Jacob Latimore – Don’t Wanna Leave (feat Mulatto) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Don't Wanna Leave song

Such R&B plus rap track from two amazing artists.

As the weather begins to be colder each day. There are romantic sweet and song at your doorstep from Jacob Latimore. The Atlanta bred emcee Mulatto is featuring also. Such a smooth couple gave you Don’t wanna leave song.

Even there is a music video where Latimore dazzles his lady by giving love and providing gifts and letting her have a lavish life. “Pick out what you want, know I got racks on me so pick out what you want” and “You know I like watchin’ you when you look undecided” and
“All of this drip around you, you feel like you drownin” as Jacob sings. After that Mulatto starts her rap explaining the worth of her love.

Moreover, the last we have heard of Jacob Latimore is when he released his Connection 2 album this year. Whereas Mualtto is just making her beautiful appearance in this current run to build up her career and having a young upstart as experiencing.

So enjoy below, listening to this Don’t Wanna Leave song. I think women would love to have a man like this. Don’t you think?

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