Leaked by Lil Tjay (Remix) (ft. Lil Wayne)Video || New Hip Hop Songs (Videos)

Leaked a new video of Lil Tjay featuring by Lil Wayne just dropped on YouTube.

Leaked by Lil Tjay a new video featuring by Lil Wayne just dropped on YouTube.

Leaked by Lil Tjay is dropped and the circus is in town. Lil Tjay has dropped the visuals for the remix of his song “leaked” featured by the legend himself, Lil Wayne. This video opens with as the viewers are guided into an extravagant carnival. The video presents a traditional circus music playing which appropriately called “Leaked”.

You can see some shots of carnival rides, such as a Ferris wheel and a carousel are shown in the Video. Eventually, various types of circus performers like fire dancers and snake charmers are also there in the video. This is so exciting for us that video vixens pose as acrobats and animal trainers complete with whips. Two separate dancing crews, one male and one female, perform dressed as clowns.

Then again the most appealing character we have found is the fortune-teller. She was dressed in traditional genie attire and accompanied by the thirsty crystal ball and deck of tarot cards. It looks like in “leaked” Lil Tjay and Lil Wayne are having the time for their lives. You can not even blame them for that.

These visuals are fun and dreamy as well, Without a care in the world, the two rappers floric around the carnival grounds. So you can check the video on YouTube and for more new hip hop songs check over here.

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