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Glock 19 by Ammer Vann is a new music video dropped on YouTube.

Glock 19 by Ammer Vann is a new music video dropped on YouTube.

Ameer Vann’s new music video is Glock 19 with Glitchy Visuals. He is a former Brockhampton member who released his first with Glitchy Visuals. Ameer, a former Brockhampton member released his first solo project in September. And his removal from the boyfriend in May of 2018. Emmanuel is featuring just 6 tracks as EP titled, including Glock 19.

The video’s visuals are edited to make glitchy and speed, to cut bluntly so as to throw off the viewer. We found that Ameer was filming himself making uncomfortable and almost demonic expressions at the camera. You will discover him dancing inside a convenience store that makes up most of the video. Most of the shots interspersed with him and his friends outside the convenience store. we will see them rob the store in the video.

This music video concept kind of a bit similar to the video of Brockhampton’s song “Boogie” off of their 2017 album. Before Glock 19 they released their other song Saturation ||| when Ameer Vann was not in their group. they put the allegation to Ameer as a multiple sexual and emotional abuser. As you know The BoyBand took the executive decision to kick Ameer out of their group. Ameer went off the radar until the release of Emmanuel but he denied any wrongdoing at that time. Ameer gave an interview and revealed an inference all that happened he went into a deep depression following the allegations and subsequent removal from the group. You will be shocked to know that he admits to having suicidal thoughts which led to hospitalization.

Check the new video of Glock 19 and for more new hip hop songs check on there.

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