Sada Baby – #FreeRixk || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

#FreeRixk track
So cool to see Sada Baby back with a new hip hop song.

As everyone seems to end the year in an epic way. There goes Sada Baby just about to begin and there is more to give out by 2020. Even though all year long the Detroit rapper has given us such amazing tracks, like seriously some days back he just released this new music and video. But nothing is slowing him down as he again releases #FreeRixk track.

So, Sada Baby ends his year with this last song as the weekend is about to start. The gruff voice of the rapper with the haunting piano-based beat, well what else would you expect? Even though the track is not streaming in services but may be coming soon.

Till then how about you check out the #FreeRixk track below.

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