Pope $ilk – Maria (Ho Ho Hoe) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Maria (Ho Ho Hoe) song
Pope $ilk releases Maria (Ho Ho Hoe) song where he pours his feelings out about a particular someone.

The rapper most of the time presents the Montreal music scene with a good name. Last track called “Cuban Link” featuring Montreal native ad Velour artist, AlieneEmoji. Now the Velours which is a tattoo shop gave an opportunity for beginners to pursue their work creative endeavors. So that song did make a change to people’s lives. Besides, this time Pope $ilk changes his way of making a song. As this latest drop sounds more of him leaving into an emotional stage. The delivery of the lyrics on this Maria ( Ho Ho Hoe) song is hard to understand at times, as it is very deep and adds mystical energy. 

The verses are longer that kind of breaks the coherent flow of the song on which Pope $ilk gets to describe more of his experiences with the title star. But he does stay true to his name and carries the track with silky and soulful cries to Maria in the chorus. It seems to be the highlighted part of the song.

So hope you enjoy below the new hip hop song.

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