NLE Choppa – Step || New Hip Hop Songs (Videos)

NLE Choppa – Step New Hip Hop Songs (Videos)

Step by NLE Choppa is a new music video just dropped.

Step by NLE Choppa is another video for cottonwood just uploaded is the new hip hop songs of this week. Around two weeks ago NLE Choppa talked about his debut EP, Cottonwood, through his No Love Entertainment imprint and UnitedMasters. It came out with a 10- minute short film. you will glad to know that this young rapper has still been rolling out music videos to promote the project. He published another two music video Matrix and Clic Class which have received visual treatments already. Now step is joining also that club. 

NLE Choppa made the music video is just as frenetic and unsettling as the beat. Choppa dances walk and glide through a neon-lit school hallway, as he does cross the beat. We see him in this video shirtless draws attention to the Death Row Records chain that shines around his neck. The toy company, Hasbro is the owner of the defunct label which is a weird flex.

NLEE is kind of trying to use the violent tactics employed by Suge Knight while running death row. This would be in theme with step. This lyric is somewhat like “ I’m cruisin’ down the block with shottas, they be ready to step” is a new hip hop songs you get in this week. You will see him as he is submitting himself into the lineage of great Californian rappers. Do you like to who are they? Yes, the likes of Snoop Dogg and Tupac. so you can enjoy the music video given below. 

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