Future – Codeine Crazy || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

There is no possible way to get over Codeine Crazy By Future track.

As we move to 2020 new year which is “roaring twenties,” we have to accept the fact that Future is one of hip hop’s most impactful players whose ruling still in the past ten years. As, his very mysterious, versatile, prolific and influential rapper. Atlanta is proud to give birth to such a talented one who comes from a Dungeon Family veteran. Although he has amassed of fans even haters during the journey of his career. During those times Future was a rapper who representative of everything “wrong: with rap music. As he revived autotune after Jay-Z hit it with DNR label. But the people who could dig deeper and discovers his music can’t deny the fact of Future Hndrxx brilliance in his songs. In some circles, he is known as The WIZRD.

However, during 2014, there was a surprise from Future rapper as he dropped the most emotionally vulnerable. And even you can’t debate but it was the most well-written song, Codeine Crazy by Future, of his career. The track had such melodies with a slew of unexpectedly clear-headed verses. So, the song had this glimpse of Future’s hallucinogenic reflection of self-made. During those times his new hip hop song enhanced the pain of his life which we could relate too. The song was burst of emotional honesty that sparked it to be a decade artistic movement. So, do you agree “Codeine Crazy” to be a decade song too?

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