Lil Tjay – 20/20 || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

20/20 by Lil Tjay
Some kicking off new hip hop song on the way 20/20 by Lil Tjay.

So, this has been a new music for the new year 2020 that should add up to your playlist from Lil Tjay. In this track, it establishes newfound resolution that reflects Tjays’s life “20/20” which steps back fro some analysis. As the 18-year-old rapper takes time off for breathing while a piano starts to play for a thirty-second introduction. Afterward, drums hit the floor while Tjay wastes a bit more time in setting up his verses with some heat.

For me, 20/20 by Lil Tjay really exposes instrumental music that is outstanding. It is not all bittersweet symphonies only. As the song keeps going the relaxing backdrop just goes perfect keeping the flow sharp with his rap. Like when he sing-raps “A lot of n***as think it’s competition, they amaze me,” which is the closing verse. “I was going downhill, jail kind of saved me…”

What are you waiting for? Check out the song from the self-declared “Prince Of New York.”

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