Monster – Kanye West (FEAT. Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z & Rick Ross) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Kanye West - Hell Of A Life

In 2011, which unleaded this mighty beast song Monster by Kanye West and other amazing artists featuring along. It has the “best album of the decade” by now. When a new year arrives then flashback appears to us which makes us remember such legendary songs.

So, it’s not like there aren’t any more tracks that come across to be the best decade songs like “M.A.A.d City” by Kendrick Lamar and also “Codeine Crazy” by Future. Besides, these songs we must spend a little time on this amazing album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” by Kanye West as his as potential as any other artist.

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Even though Kanye West has changed his path of music the gospel realm. But once upon a time Yeezy delivered barbed, edgy music which was a masterpiece to hear. The lyrics were elevating our souls to a different dimension. It turns out that Monster by Kanye West was one of the lead singles of that album. It was featuring Jay-Z, and the bomb Nicki Minaj whose verses are the most impactful one, like it would just be remembered for decades. Also, it has been said that “Monster.” is one of the best anthems during two-thousand-and-tens.

Check out the music video of “Monster” and reminiscent the moments before.

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