TOBi – City Blues Remix (FEAT. The Game) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

City Blues Remix by TOBi

Well, some songs can be done a bit redo like the City Blues Remix by TOBi featuring The Game. So return of a smooth beat coming back with a remix to it.

So, the Canadian singer is rising up his way by making some friends who can help him reach his goals. The last project he works was on the track “Carmen Electra” which was a collaboration with Mozzy and Osbe Chill. It was from The Game’s Born 2 Rap album. This time he comes back with The Game and he seems to return a favor by making a remix of the “City Blues” track of TOBi. Even though the song has it’s own standard which is great and not like assistance was needed. As the flow of piano and smoky jazz-club arrangement which ends up making the song to be on your repeat loop option. TOBi very well knows how to describe the toxic of relationships through his music.  

This time the song has the same verses as the original version. It’s just The Game comes with making a crucial distinction in the track. As the rapper begins with “You want to know why I’m happy I’m still alive, n***a, bout four-five times I should have died, n***a.” It looks like the rapper just tried to paint pictures and also vivid in his depictions of Los Angeles chaos.

So, that was about how one becomes less sensitive about living in such an environment. “A dead body, that’s’ something to see,” he keeps going on. “How’d I end up by myself after travelling the world a hundred deep? I watched Bobby get shot in his face, I saw Lil Kurt intestines fall straight out his waist.” It seems like the truth we tend to not notice much but The Game has explained it us really well through his verses. Moments like this pass by if your living in the city where dreams come true.

Check out the City Blues Remix by TOBi track below which is now collaborated with The Game.

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