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Sometimes by H.E.R
Sometimes in life we get to have a new track from H.E.R. Don’t you think so?

As awaiting the Sunday night was for the audience. You could just say that everyone around the world had eyes on every second of what’s about to happen. Now this time, H.E.R decides to show up at the 62nd annual Grammys. Then we get to have a taste of Sometimes by H.E.R which has this piano and her electric guitar. Now, these instruments seems to have such chemistry, as it delivers rendition from the soul songstress. Doesn’t it sound great?

However, the RCA siren found herself being nominated for a total of five nods. And those include the three categories in the Big Four: Album of the Year, Record of The Year and Song of the Year. Even though, she did not actually get to win an award. But the singer still did a great performance and she was honored to have this platform to showcase her new hip hop song beautiful singing. So Sometimes by H.E.R was from the production R&B staple D-Mile. So, the man is known well as he did work with Lucky Daye. He was also on three of the categories in the Grammy.

Check out the Sometimes by H.E.R below.

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