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M.A.R See Why by Jaz-O

We have got a new hip hop song that is an ode to Marcy. It is good to have the Originator coming back. Although, this time this new deal is with Roc Nation. So, this label is ran by his former protege Jay-Z. However, officially dropped new single M.A.R. See Why by Jaz-O.

Now, this gives us a nostalgic moment of dedication to the Marcy Projects. As Jaz have taken over a smooth instrumental. And it seems to not miss a step. The flow methodical which is his formative triplet one. Later, Jaz speaks an authority which means a voice of the streets. It is the man we knew that used to cross paths with Biggie on the basketball courts. And now such change has taken place. 

Some of the verses that was a hit of Jaz-O rapping “We grew up together, so corrupt together, yelling your name in my rhymes we blew up together,” it a bit of the theme of his ode track. Then continues, “So social without being vocal, even to these nondescript acting like they know you.”

Besides, who has the love for the golden era vibe still? They would so much appreciate M.A.R. See Why by Jaz-O track. There will be more coming up next from The Originator’s next project. So, don’t miss it and keep updates with us. There is a chance we can see him reunite with the Jigga Man. But we can’t assure that.

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