Sada Baby – Big Eastside || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Big Eastside by Sada Baby

It is nothing new to receive new hip hop songs from Sada Baby. As he has been constantly dropping one after another since last year September. Until now we have got two mixtapes from the Detroit rapper. And unexpectedly his been uploading the songs on YouTube. Besides, this week the world is mourning at the moment as the hip hop community has lost a legend.

On Monday, there was a post of Sada Baby which is the cover art of his new song. As it dropped now, it is called Big Eastside by Sada Baby. It was posted on Instagram and also there is a campaign that started in honor of Kobe Bryant. So the caption he has given is “2400 likes, 2400 comments, 800 Reposts and Iโ€™ll drop a song tonight on YouTube,” By which we can tell that his taking inspiration from Kobe’s jersey number. It is good to at last have the new track on our grip. This proves how much hard his been working on his career.

There is even another campaign that was posted on social media yesterday. Now this time, he promises that if he reaches 600,000 followers on Instagram. As currently he has 593,000 followers. So, if it does happen then he will compile all the songs that he’s been dumping online over the last few months. Then he will turn it into a project which will be named “SkubaSada2”. Most probably it will be also on all streaming services.

Moreover, we have got an update that he will drop another two new hip hop songs later this week. It would about honoring Kobe’s daughter, Gianna and his jersey number was 2.

Now, checkout and enjoy the new hip hop song Big Eastside by Sada Baby.

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