Wiz Khalifa – Chappelle’s Show (Feat. AD) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (Videos)

Wiz Khalifa – Chappelle’s Show (Feat. AD) NEW HIP HOP SONGS (Videos)

Chappelle’s Show by Wiz Khalifa is a newly dropped music video.

Chappelle’s Show by Wiz Khalifa featuring AD is a new hip hop song that just arrived with new visuals. Wiz has not only established himself as one of the premier acts in hip hop but in all the music. He proved himself as he is one of the culture’s most gifted and polished emcees to hit the booth in some time. Now Khalifa is back with visuals for his latest one-off single entitled Chappelle’s Show featured by AD.

Big Jerm Produces this track and it features a distorted and reversed soul sample. It is accompanied by an imitation live drum pattern and funky bass line. Ad And Wiz Khalifa both perform a lyrical exercise over the instrumentation displaying their ability. It is all about cut-up classic drum and sample beat with their unorthodox deliveries. 

Chappelle’s Show keeps things simple with the lighting up in one of Khalifa’s Classic Chevrolet Illuminated in hues of red. Two of them also performed their verses in the comfort of the studio they most likely recorded the track. Together they recorded glimpses of Wiz Khalifa’s Mcqueen and the Violet Fog Gin make appearances in several frames. Now you can listen to the new hip hop song Chappelle’s Show and show some love to the rappers. 

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