Godzilla by Dax

It is never easy to cover an Eminem record. Do you think he made justice with the original one?

People have various emotions when it comes to Dax. You can dislike him or be his fan. But this rapper does not give up. He comes up with his skills to pump up social media antics. This time he came up with a challenging one. It is Godzilla by Dax which is a remix and the original was a rap by the Legend Eminem. It takes guts to make a cover of him. Yet he still took the courage. Dax even created a one-take video for this song. It is a tribute he did for his idol, Eminem.

Moreover, the Canadian rapper has kept the same speedy flow as the Eminem’s version. As throwing in bars, he also mentions everything from fast fashion wordplay. Then having compared his flow to cocaine. One of the verses like, “it sounds like I snorted.” He seems to be clever with his bars, and “everything I spit is godly like I’m rapping in ministry….” I got drip it’s so hot it evaporated”. Also, some of the bars do give you some cringe. Like “I’m gonna fuck this beat like my girl it’s gonna sound sexual”. Yet, he still did manage to get to rap it well so the effort is a success I would say. Overall though, we give the homie an A for effort for even having the guts to cover an Eminem record.

So, listen to the Godzilla by Dax remix and let us know what you think about this new hip hop song.

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