H.E.R. – Comfortable || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Comfortable by H.E.R.

Somebody is gifting us a romantic song just right before Valentine Day arrives.

We all know that this month is when celebrating love with your loved ones. This season comes with romance and gives you the opportunity to express your love in various ways. Open up and show affection towards your soulmate for why he/she is your life partner. However, the single maybe might end up in one, or in a relationship will be setting a Valentine Day playlists as romance lingers around their heart. So, for those reasons, I suppose Comfortable by H.E.R. is must be the one in that list of songs.

Besides, the 22-year-old who recently just dopped “Sometimes” last month. She has won the Grammy Award-winning. Now, she comes back so fast with another new single. It seems like H.E.R. has more in her closet and soon we will be hitting with more of her amazing tracks. So, the song Comfortable by H.E.R. is relaxing, has a beautiful melody and it has teetered on lines of love, sensuality, and flirtation. A perfect combination that fans would love to listen to. Until we receive more information about whatever it is she’s possibly cooking up in the studio, Through some sources, we also knew that the additional vocals are coming from Ant Clemmons.

Listen to the intimacy new song and hope you enjoy it like I did.

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