Kevin Gates – Dreka || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Dreka by Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates decides to be open and bring honesty into this new hip hop song.

It seems that the happy couple Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka are extending their beautiful family. As they have announced that they’re having a baby and most probably it might be a Baby Girl. It looks like the rapper has changed as his relationship is reflecting. So, we know Kevin is not a shy person for which he openly honors his wife by this new track released which is newly open and honest. It is titled Dreka by Kevin Gates.

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It turns out that the Lousiana rapper shares through his lyrics about all his shortcomings. Even prison stints and infidelities. His wife has gone through so much as she endured all these moments along with him. Still, Dreka stood by him and went along with the relationship. She stood by the marriage vows that state “through thick and thin” with Kevin. He is a lucky man that’s for sure. She deserves all the praise that he dedicated to the song.

Check out the song and the lovely music video showing their relationship. Let us know if Dreka by Kevin Gates is the next romantic song that you would want your lover to dedicate you one day.

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