Tory Lanez – Broke In A Minute || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

After getting ‘Chixtape 5’ and now comes back with Broke In A Minute by Tory Lanez.

Well, Chixtape 5 did receive a good amount of positive response from the people. Now, the rapper gears up a bit and comes with a new hip hop song release. Even though we cannot tell if it is going to be an album or just a track. But it is good to hear from the Canadian rapper once more. So, Broke In A Minute by Tory Lanez is probably going to be available at some selective international places. Maybe if it is a hit then it might end up in every market.

This time the new hip hop song is going to give away a wavy video-game music feeling. However, the romance-related songs played in his last album is now replaced with anger and self sensual pleasure. Some of the verses go along like “When I was broke, man, she fronted, then I got rich and I hit it,” which kinda tells us about how he just feels like swiping right if he wants to. Besides, these do occur in our lives too when we happen to be in such a situation. Don’t you think? I would say that this is a hard-hitting track which might be a good single for Tory.

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