2 Chainz – Brick On My Face (FEAT. Work) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Brick On My Face the new hip hop song comes from 2 Chainz’s new album will release very soon.

During an interview which was taken by Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio Show recently, where 2 Chainz confesses on leaving T.R.U labels after this album is dropped off. He wants to be choose an independent path instead of working under a label. “I’m just coming into another layer – another section in my life – to where it’s just about owning more,” as 2 Chainz said. “And that’s all that it is. And who knows? I might stick around. It just depends on how the negotiations go. But for now, I’m looking forward to possibly being independent by the end of the year and rocking out with my guys”. Now that sounds great but it might have pros and cons to it.

As for fans wouldn’t know when will he be appearing his next album or be timely about it. We all know that Music Company has some punctuality with their work. But let’s see if this decision takes him over the bridge or under it.

However, there were updates this last Friday after the rapper made his statements. He showed that he can lead and take in charge of “No Face No Case” project to T.R.U label. There are around 15 tracks on the album.

Besides, the Georgia rapper this time got to feature with really good artists who helped him making the tracks better. For now his collaboration has been taken with Worl. In this new Brick On My Face by 2 Chainz song. This project does deliver good amount of energy. Looking forward to the album release which will be soon.

For now, check out the new hip hop song Brick On My Face by 2 Chainz below.

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