Boldy James – S.N.O.R.T. (FEAT. Freddie Gibbs) || New Hip Hop Songs

I find these two, Boldy and Freedie, the perfect combination for a song that will be filled with heat. Do you think the same as me?

It seems like Boldy James has been rising to be a star soon. The journey begin with him giving a hit performance to Nas’ Mass Appeal Records in 2014. From there he started to progress from becoming one of the authentic street rap as his lyrics are just raw. His realistic vision on his lyrics are perfect with this generation hip hop. So, one his creativity is showcased when he dropped off his collaborative musical offering with “The Alchemist in The Price of Tea In China” in 2020. As, he quiet made an expression to the world his talent in becoming one of the best lyricists. However, the Detroit rapper comes up with another new hip hop song. It is titled S.N.O.R.T. by Boldy James. Also, with a featuring artist Freddie Gibbs.

Furthermore, keeping up with an Alchemist beat is not complete if you do not have certain requirements to be present. Like having a lo-fi, then the drum sequencing making boom-bap and having a funky bass lines which makes it complete. And it would sound like The Alchemist track. Besides, the instrumental usage in the track S.N.O.R.T by Boldy James gives both the rappers a chance to carve up the beat which way they desire. At first, James kicks off his verses in the song and with that Gibbs balances and flawlessly keeps his bar high. So, they both flexes the war stories in the song. I am just so amazed with the lyrical display which is a metaphoric presentation that just makes Boldy’ Gibbs and Alchemist, a perfect combination of what they created.

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