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Delete Forever by Grimes

Tragedies are apparent and expressing that sorrow varies from person to person. The unfortunate death of the young singer Lil Peep, was a big form of devastation for the music industry. This incidence of 2017 also caused huge sorrow to the Canadian singer/songwriter Grimes.

Grimes from an interview with Zane Lowe spoke about her concern for the opioid epidemic. She also revealed that she had few other friends too, passing away for this opioid addiction. This song basically sums up those tragedies she experienced coming out of the opioid epidemic and she wrote this song the night Lil Peep died. Check out new hip hop songs here!

Last Wednesday (February 12), Grimes dropped off this new track and it is rumored that she started her journey of pregnancy with this soulful track. Listen to Delete Forever by Grimes, below.

Her upcoming album, Miss Anthropocene, is releasing on February 21st, 2020. Right now, after listening to Delete Forever by Grimes do let us know in the comment section about your thoughts regarding the song.

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