CANNABIS by SimXSantana

This time CANNABIS by SimXSantana, bringing some heat to the street.

Not so new I would say when some rapper would come with such title. So, CANNABIS by SimXSantana. What would you really expect from it? Well, it comes with high-energy beat and wavy flows. Now, that would want you to give this rapper’s new hip hop song a chance. This is the first single released in 2020. SimXSantana has secured his place by co-signs of two rappers who are famous in his city, Lil Uzi Vert and Meek Mill. So, that means that the game is just about to start.

We do have ideas about DIY music video being a blow-up when it comes to YouTube. It does give a rapper to reach stardom. Just when a million views hit the video, then comes the checkbooks from the record labels to sign them. So, the Philadelphia rapper had won with Columbia Records when he released “FLEXIN N’ FLASHING”, during the summer last year.

Moreover, the 19-year-old rapper is giving enough time in the studio for making up his mixtape. “I want it to be fun. The streets of Philly aren’t fun. People from outside might think so. But our people know. So I want people to hear my music and escape through it.” He states this which kind of gives us hints of what is about to happen this year.

So, check out CANNABIS by SimXSantana, below.

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