Charlie Wilson – Forever Valentine || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (Videos)

Charlie Wilson – Forever Valentine || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (Videos)

Forever Valentine by Charlie Wilson is a newly released song.

Forever Valentine by Charlie Wilson is a new hip hop song just arrived on the Occasion of Valentine right on time. Exactly for almost decades, Charlie Wilson has been providing multiple generations of beautiful music tracks their lives and videos. Now he has finally released the visuals to his latest single Forever Valentine. As we all know it time for lovers to celebrate valentine’s day the sing is co-written and coproduce by Bruno Mars. So you can see it is the genuine celebration of love in its purest form. This song Forever Valentine marks the first musical release for Uncle Charlie since the release of his eighth Studio album. The name of the album is In To To Win in 2017.

Forever Valentine by Charlie Wilson’s visuals is directed by Easton West. He detailed the wedding day of a couple preparing to spend the remainder of their lives together. In the video, viewers get an insight into the love lives of couples young and old. In it, we see the old and young who just so happen to be guests at the newlyweds wedding. While Charlie Murphy himself takes on the role of the ceremony’s pastor and wedding reception performer. 

So socially Forever Valentine is a theme song that will be recognized for years. It can be for years to come as the subject matter is perfect for any celebration or family gathering. The artist Charlie Murphy’s legendary vocal cadence that helped The Gap Band become a household name graciously. They glide over the perfectly – mixed live instrumentation. His other song Early In The Morning is also famous. He recently spoke with Billboard about working with Bruno Mars. The statement is something like that he and Bruno talked about the song’s vibe for a while. They ended up on the road together. And he added that they would sing every day at launch as they further hashed out the song. So check out the beautiful new hip hop song and dedicate the song to your valentine on this eve. 

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