Big Sean was out of the limelight for quite a long time. He didn’t make any appearance in the last couple of years for any interview. But recently Big Sean with Joe Budden had a chit-chat and it covered Sean’s chief updates.

Latest hip hop news and rumors say, Sean got quite a beef with Kendrick Lamar. On the track ‘No More Interviews’, Sean placed the lyrics saying:

โ€œAnd I canโ€™t lie like I like this shit like I usually do
And Iโ€™m just not impressed by you niggas rapping fast
Who sound like one big asthma attack but trash when Iโ€™m rapping it back
Who you put in your top five and claim they the savior of rapโ€

The fans up to a certain extent thought these lines are meant for Kendrick as a counter-back for Kendrick’s ‘Control’ track. After this Kendrik released โ€˜The Heart Pt. 4โ€™ in March, 2017. Here the artist seemed like to show his beef against Sean.

โ€œMy fans canโ€™t wait for me to son your punk ass and crush your whole lil shit
Iโ€™ll Big Pun your punk ass you a scared lil b*tch
Tip-toeing around my name n*gga you lame
And when I get at you homie donโ€™t you just tell me you was just playinโ€

Sean released his singles ‘Single Again’ and ‘Bezerk’, a few months back but none of them made any hits like the way he expected. He informed about working on a new album, lining up with the creation of other albums by collaborating with Kayne West. Big Sean with Joe Budden also talked about his participation with the rest of the G.O.O.D. Music and Def Jam, relationship with Jhene Aiko. He also didn’t forget to talk about his mental health issues and paranoia regarding the subject of having children. Watch the full interview below to know more.

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