Happy Birthday to the legend who presented us with an amazing album namely 2001. Yes, I am talking about the great artist, Dr. Dre. It’s his 55th Birthday today and of course, a special day for his fans to pay him respect.

The classic album still feels so reviving and sounds new each time I hear its amazing tracks. With amazing tracks, I remembered one of the tracks The Watcher by Dr. Dre of this very album. This track is one of the favorites of not only mine but a thousand people across the world, listening to him. The track starts with a bold note and it gets quite heavy when he says “things just ain’t the same for gangstas.” No wasting time and straight to point, right? The album surely does not feel like that it crossed twenty years of its release. One of the new hip hop songs might not catch the attention like this track did. Listen to The Watcher by Dr. Dre below.

Cheers to Dr. Dre who created a rational, intense and amazing album reflecting his great personality. We are ready to wait for more hit albums like this.

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