Lil Skies – Havin My Way (FEAT. Lil Durk) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

Havin My Way by Lil Skies


We have got Havin My Way by Lil Skies which was released by Atlantic Records. Now, who likes to be controlled? Do you want to be someone’s puppet? I suppose the answer might be probably no of course. As, the 21-year-old rapper has got you what is needed to show you that ruling yourself is what must be done, instead of being told around.

Besides, Lil Skies is the most consistent melodic in the rap game. He keeps dropping off hit songs that people eventually keep addicted to listening to. Now, with Lil Durk assisted with his new hip hop song to make it a banger. Also, a music video has dropped off by Atlantic Records where both the rappers are officially morphed into marionettes. And then they’re being controlled by strings above. It exposes the fact that they are entertaining a bunch of people who are demanding or expect more from them,

So, the beginning of the song only starts with the interesting phase and Skies hitting off with his verses. After that Lil Durk took over and borrowed the flow from Drip Too Hard track. It was most probably because he heard the relatable guitar play like his on hit song back in 2018.

Besides Lil Skies have just started this year with such a song. I am hoping there is more for us to get from him. Did you like the song or loved it? Let us know.

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