Machine Gun Kelly – Why Are You Here || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (Videos)

Machine Gun Kelly – Why Are You Here NEW HIP HOP SONGS (Videos)

Why Are You Here by Machine Gun is dropped with colorful visuals? 

Why Are You Here by Machine Gun is a new hip hop song that came as his December new single. He has been pivoting more and more toward a prominently pop-punk sound as of late. Nothing can make this more evident than when the sometimes-rapper dropped the toxic love anthem Why Are You Here. This is the time when music has become less and less restricted by the confines of specific genres. Here artists like Machine Gun Kelly have been known to take different avenues in some of their work. Why Are You Here is also an example like this in extreme level? 

Kelly dropped the visuals Why Are You Here on Wednesday. He opted for a simple look instead of bringing the visceral tale illustrated in the lyrics to life. This video sees the artist in a pool of multi-colored neon lights. They are rocking out on his guitar while bandages keep his eyes from bleeding out. Machine Gun and two ladies surrounded a fridge overflowing with a variety of fruit. They create some of the most memorable shots of the video. It seems the fruit concept has come from recent many other videos like Juicy by Tyga. Kelly even has his video vixens use a banana and papaya to evoke sexual innuendos. 

He recently announced for you that he will be releasing a whole album of pop-punk bangers. It will be a collaboration of his good friend Blink 182’s Travis Barker. You can listen to this new hip hop song Why Are You Here by Machine Gun Kelly and check more.

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