Rich The Kid – Easy || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (Videos)

Rich The Kid - Easy || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (Videos)

Easy by Rich The Kid is a video dedicates to Pop Smoke.

Easy by Rich The Kid is a new hip hop song which is a response to Brooklyn drill surge. He has ties in New Work. Though he puts on for both NYC and Atlanta. Rich is clearly a fan of the music that has been coming out of Brooklyn in recent years. In Brooklyn artists like Pop Smoke, Fivio Foreign, Smoove’L, and others have revolutionalized drills in the city. They show their own unique ways of getting to the bag. Recently Pop Smoke has passed away which shocked the hip hop community to its core. It even inspired RTK to dedicate hi latest video display to the late 20 years old. 

Easy is produced by the Pop Smoke’s producer AXL beats. So finally Rich The Kid officially released the video Easy. At the laundromat, 

Mobbing out inside the bodega and in the streets of New York City has never looked cool. All those activities are basically viewed as luxurious right now. You know that going to stock on snacks at the corner store is dangerous these days. It seems in this video the Laundromat is a nice escape from self-quarantine. For Coronavirus, most of the streets are on lockdown. Yet Rich finds a way to glamorize all of these activities. You will see him appearing menacing in the clip with his crew standing close behind him. 

Easy is for you so do not forget to hear this new hip hop song by Rich The Kid and let us know if you like it. 

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