The Weeknd – In Your Eyes || NEW HIP HOP SONGS ( Videos)

The Weeknd – In Your Eyes || NEW HIP HOP SONGS ( Videos)

In Your Eyes by The Weeknd is a newly dropped song with thrilling visuals.

In Your Eyes by The Weeknd is a new hip hop song where you can see bloodbath this time. He ends up in an interesting predicament. It seems this has been one of the most thought out chapters of The Weeknd’s career. Everything is accounted for from the song titling to the most minute of the video. So this is a victory lap of The Weeknd. He recently released the deluxe edition of his After Hours masterpiece. 

This Canadian singer initially allowed us into his world with a series of videos. Now he drops the clip for The new music video In Your Eyes. The XO singer plays the role of hunter this time. Last time in a couple of videos with Abel Tesfaye he presented himself highly Stylized. Their appear a woman is on the run with blood all over the face and attempting to escape menacing gaze. You will be taken in ta busy nightclub and backroom alleys, where she discovers a hatchet. Here The Weeknd catches up to her, she takes a powerful swing and cops the singer’s head off. Splattering crimson drops on the wall and celebrating by holding his dome in her hand on the rooftop. 

For Billboard 200 The Weeknd is expected at the top spot of that. In fact, he is knocking Lil Uzi Vert off his high horse. Yet, The Weeknd doesn’t need to be sad about that at all. This rapper serves as the sole feature of the deluxe version of after hours. So he is winning too! Check out his new hip hop song In Your Eyes and see if he can compete on the Billboard 200. 

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