Htiekal – Fast Life || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

Fast Life by Htiekal

Lakeith Stanfield AKA Htiekal is going to drop his new project “Self Control”. And now Fast Life by Htiekal is the first single from it.

So, we know that Lakeith has taken movie industry suddenly. And he had achieved a success into it as his television-streaming series are getting a good rate. Now, he comes along with more as drops a new hip hop song. Fast Life by Htiekal is from his latest album which will be coming out soon. Such variety of entertainment he provides his fans are just mind-boggling. However, the award-winning actor expresses through his track about the hard times he came across his life and how light showered for him of hope. Also, this is not only an audio track but even a music video came along with it.

Furthermore, the music video at first shows in black and white image. And Lakeith comes up with lip sync on the scene which is from the “Casablanca” classic movie. He does show his longtime girlfriend Ari Lennox who is the mother of his child also. There were rumors of them splitting. Even though we do not know much of his relationship status but we do know that his girlfriend has helped him inspiring behind his Fast Life track.

So look below where the music video is given and let us know what you think of it. Do check out more our new hip hop songs.

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