Mir Fontane – Spooky || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Mir Fontane – Spooky NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Spooky by Mir Fontane has just come out in this Quarantine time.

Spooky by Mir Fontane is a new hip hop song that is a brand new heater track. So now if we describe the recent state of affairs that is spooky. Day to day things is getting scary out here in the wake of Coronavirus. Dr. Anthony Fauci earlier today estimated that COVID-19 would claim 100K to 200K lives in America. Mir Fontane had come through with his latest banger Spooky just the day before this estimation was made. This song is kind of a response in this pandemic going on across the globe. 

The song is Loud Pack and Khoality Beats teamed up to cook up the piano-laden production. The song has an equally eerie feel to it but the song slaps. This bass kicks in and Mir Fontane pops out with a melodic flow. The rapper details preparing frot the apocalypse while finding a parallel the pandemic, The streets, and the music industry all at once.

So in this situation at home Quarantine, you can enjoy the new hip hop song Spooky by Mir Fontane. Enjoy the track until the situation gets cool of the world stay at home and stay clean!

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