Valee – Jaywalking || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (VIDEOS)

Jaywalking by Valee

So Jaywalking by Valee just released with cartoonish visuals.

It is good to have Valee return with some heat. As he wasn’t releasing any singles recently. It seems like the rapper wasn’t giving his best try to create the spice. But he did drop down some songs with other rappers like “Uninvited” which was with Calboy. And some other songs on Youtube were lingering around.

Now, that was the past and it looks like after a power nap then Jaywalking by Valee is released, just recently. So, this means we can expect from the rapper that more might come through? Don’t you think so too? And he did this new hip hop song collaboration with his favorite, ChaseTheMoney. Once again they paired up to give a piece of pretty fresh music.

How about you listen down below and let us know what do you think about the visuals? As it is less than a minute I suppose a full version might be released after some days.

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