Doja Cat – Say So (Remix) (FEAT. Nicki Minaj) || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Say So (Remix) by Doja Cat

Say So (Remix) by Doja Cat and featuring Nicki Minaj just released Today. So it looks the feud between these two is over.

So a couple of months have passed by since people were trying to spit fire against these two banger rappers. But it looks like Doja and Nicki have come to conclusion. They both are tremendous female rappers in the music industry. Both of them are successful. Even though they respected each other in the media yet they were some people who would still come up with some fans’ unfriendly comments. Although they were absolutely wrong as they are in the getting to the top chart because of their viral hit new hip hop song. Say So (Remix) by Doja Cat and Nicki is definitely a hit. Now, maybe those fans will stop giving out trash talks against these two beautiful rappers.

However, Nicki Minaj did clear out through IG post that “Say So (Remix),” that is released isn’t the actual full version. But soon it will be dropping off through diff rap & diff beat. But then again she did say to enjoy listening to this one and let her know how it is. So listen to it below.

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