645AR – Yoga || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (Videos)

645AR – Yoga || NEW HIP HOP SONGS (Videos)

Yoga by 645AR has just come out with colorful visuals.

Yoga by 645AR is a new hip hop song which is a kind of hallucinatory new video. So if you have logged onto Tik Tok in the last month, You have heard 645AR’s new song Yoga. This track has gone absolutely crazy on social media with the squeaky-voiced. The cartoonish rapper continuing to build a name for himself. Finally hitting the big leagues with his breakout single 4 Da Trap. The song Yoga has become equally as large and 645AR decided to get creative during the quarantine. In fact, they have released the official video now.

BRTHR directs the song Yoga and the duo behind music videos from The Weekend, Travis Scott, and more. 645AR’s Yoga is ridiculously topical as the rapper journeys through an alternative universe filled with hallucinatory experiences with his friend. There is an animated character even names Flexo-19.

The music video speaks numbers to what 645AR is setting out to achieve in the rap game. The rapper’s not just a meme. He has actually got some substance to him. To watch the interesting new hip hop song Yoga by 645AR. Let us know if you like this or not.  

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