Ro James – Plan B || NEW HIP HOP SONGS

Plan B by Ro James

So, a new hip hop song drops down, Plan B by Ro James. This is one of the new singles from his upcoming project, “MANTIC.”

Ro James dropped a new single, “Plan B,” this week, further building up hype for his upcoming album MANTIC. It doesn’t seem like there is much time left for the album to be finally released. MANTIC will be coming out on 29th May 2020. This is going to be released through ByStorm Entertainment/RCA Records. And the album will be consist of 15 tracks. Already we have got the released tracks for featuring like “Touchy Feely” and “Last Time.” And now Plan B by Ro James, so you can guess how the album would be like.

“The music I create evokes a feeling of romance, but I wanted to dissect that word and break it down by taking the ‘ro’ out of it. MANTIC refers to divination and prophecy—seeking knowledge of the future through supernatural means…” then Ro James continues to say ” Speaking things into existence and living forward, having faith in where you’re supposed to be and where you’re going.”

Now that is some heartfelt words he explains to the social media about his album. This must mean he worked really hard into it. So how about you listen to below “Plan B” track and tell us your views about it.

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